This medicine may be used for cosmetic purposes to reverse facial wrinkles like frown, crow's feet and smile lines; these are known as dynamic wrinkles. The medicine is injected into the muscles producing a weakness or inability to contract and thus wrinkles are eliminated. The effects of Botox are not permanent and the application may be performed approximately every 6 months to maintain results.


These are the most popular fillings. Dermavisc速 has few side effects including temporary redness, swelling and bruising in the area of injection. These fillers can also be used as volume boosters, highlighting the cheekbones, jaw lines and lips. They have the potential to cause allergies and the formation of small pockets under the skin of a temporary nature.



For a better understanding of your specific needs and an evaluation of your health status, it is necessary to assess an appointment before any procedure. Facial photographs are required to keep records of their status before and after treatment to evaluate the changes.

After application, the patient may experience redness and bruising in the infiltrated area, which usually fades quickly. The patient can perform normal activities; within the side effects, it may cause weakness of the neighboring muscles and sometimes the eyelid may fall slightly. These effects are completely reversible.